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This is a very important question you need to ask yourself when you pick up your toothbrush to brush your teeth every morning and night.

Are you brushing or injuring your teeth?

Well, its okay to not know the difference. And we are here to tell you more about this very common problem called Cervical abrasion or toothbrush injury.

  1. Have you felt a shooting sensation around your teeth recently?
  2. Have you noticed that your teeth have started to look longer than before?
  3. Have your gums receded around these teeth?

If its all of the above, then think “Cervical abrasion” or Non-Carious lesion.

Cervical abrasions or Non-carious tooth lesions occur due to vigorous improper tooth brushing with a very hard toothbrush or abrasive toothpaste. These lesions often occur at the neck of the teeth and appear to cause gingival/gum recession. The receding gums expose the root surface further. This results in mild sensitivity initially. As the defect progresses in size so does the sensitivity. It may result in severe loss of tooth structure (Fig A) necessitating a Root canal procedure.

All that you need to know about RCT.

This progresses to expose the pulp and may require root canal treatment. In many cases, if the lesion is spotted early a simple filling would suffice. Occasionally a minor gum corrective procedures ( Plastic periodontal surgery) can cover the defect and provide better aesthetic results. If allowed to progress unchecked the lesion can become irreparable. To prevent such a problem, we recommend you visit us or any dentist to learn the correct way of brushing.

Fig A- Cervical abrasion with severe loss of tooth structure.

It may be necessary to customize both the technique and the equipment. For example, you can start using a soft-bristled toothbrush instead of a medium or hard bristled toothbrush. Even better, an electric toothbrush with a pressure sensor (such as the Oral B Pro 2000). having used this product myself, I must say that the pressure sensor is a very useful aid. Even for those who have a better understanding of the correct way of brushing. As in this product, the pressure sensor glows red when excess force is used. Electric toothbrushes help you clean your teeth effectively, thoroughly and safely.

So you can try any tool you are comfortable with. Just make sure you are using the right technique of brushing.

Speak to us to know more about Cervical Abrasions, toothbrush injury and correct brushing techniques.



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