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Inlays & Onlays

An Inlay or Onlay belong to the category of indirect tooth restorations which are fabricated outside the mouth, in the laboratory, often made of a solid substance like cast metal, porcelain/ceramic or composite resin and fitted to a cavity in a tooth and permanently cemented into place using special resin cement. Due to their excellent aesthetic properties and strength, the Porcelain / Ceramic Inlays and Onlays have grown in popularity in recent years.

An Inlay can be used in situations requiring replacement of moderate to large existing restorations, fractured tooth / tooth restorations, moderate to extensively decayed teeth where conventional direct Fillings may not be useful and in those with high esthetic demands.

Inlays are avoided when there are parafunctional habits like bruxism leading to excessive wear of teeth, poor oral hygiene and when there is no enamel left.

An onlay is the same as an inlay, except that it extends to replace one or more cusps of the tooth. For example, Crowns are onlays which completely cover all surfaces of a tooth. It may be fabricated from any of the materials used for inlay tooth restorations.

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Authored by DR.NIRANJAN P



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