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PRF- Growth factors



There are lots of challenges that use of recombinant growth factors in periodontal therapy face. It is necessary to look for an alternative solution, which will ease the preparation and physiology of the technique. PRF is developed as the solution to overcome this challenge. PRF can release growth factors gradually and for a longer period aiding in fast recovery.

What is PRF - Growth Factors?

PRF is an abbreviation of the term "Platelet Rich Fibrin", which means a platelet-enriched fibrin. It is obtained from the patient's blood and is used primarily in dental cosmetic surgery. In recent years, all advanced dental procedures use fibrin for better healing of bone and soft tissue and serve as an ideal preparation for surgical procedures that precede dental implants.

PRF is a fraction of blood that is rich in platelets and leukocytes and acts as a second-generation source of growth factors. PRF is made by centrifugation of the patient’s blood in tubes without any additives. Therefore, it is clean and the final product contains only fibrin and other growth factors (concentrated) of the blood obtained from the patient.

The platelets stored in the PRF are very rich in growth factors. On activating the growth factor they go out of the blood platelets (thrombocytes) and stimulate angiogenesis, which is the formation of new blood vessels, as well as the growth of new bone in bone defects.

As a result, the affected area has better blood flow and helps in regeneration. Growth factors also stimulate the growth of bone in the defect area in periodontal intervention further contributing to a successful therapy.



Where are PRF used? 

PRF Growth Factors are used for the following conditions:

  • For Augmenting the crestal bone in the jaw: (preparation for implant placement)
  • Periodontal intervention (flap surgery)
  • During the treatment of gingival recession (gum recession) - membrane made from PRF bare necks are covered and the defect is eliminated.
  • During a tooth extraction, PRF is inserted into the defect to minimize the loss of bone mass



How Does PRF Work?

PRF Growth Factors is a  safe method because it uses a part of the patient’s blood without any other artificial additives.

Our body has the natural ability to heal by itself. By using PRF method, it attracts stem cells from the body and regenerates new tissue. This process begins by taking the patient's blood, and further processing through centrifugation separates plasma and fibrin from red blood cells.

This is used as biological autotransplant, i.e., we set fibrin and plasma in the same place of tooth extraction, which then accelerates the healing process, and to accelerate the process of accepting the implant. Thus, this process itself is faster and safer, and above all, painless.

Authored by DR.NIRANJAN P



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