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Teeth Whitening

Boring, Dull, Yellow teeth! Yawn!

Something you have been seeing every day in the mirror for many years. Tired of it? Want a dazzling smile for a new you? Tooth whitening is just the thing for you. It is safe and effective.

Teeth whitening restores the natural colour of your teeth and adds that missing element to your smile. ‘Sparkle’. A bright dazzling smile beside, making you look good, makes you feel good and confident about yourself.

There are many Over-The-Counter products that claim to whiten your teeth. But the most effective way of getting is done is to speak to your dentist who will first scientifically evaluate your situation and plan the procedure.

Before and After Teeth Whitening Procedure

teeth whitening procedure bangalore, karnataka, india

The prerequisites for teeth whitening include healthy gums and teeth. A thorough professional cleaning of your teeth (Oral Prophylaxis/ Scaling) to remove plaque and calculus is a must for effective teeth whitening. So, always speak to your dentist first.

Dentists will go about whitening your teeth in two ways.

  • In office bleaching- Chemical agents alone or in combination with LASERs
  • Home Bleaching

In office, bleaching technique is done by the dentist in his dental clinic. It involves the application of chemical agents (Carbamide peroxide, Hydrogen Peroxide etc) that are available in various percentages, to the teeth surface. A total of 2-3 applications, lasting 15 minutes each, may be done until the desired results are obtained. For enhanced results, the ‘dentist recommended home bleaching‘ may be followed.

Laser Bleaching is another effective method employed these days in teeth whitening. It involves activation of chemical agents applied on to the teeth surfaces using LASER light of a certain wavelength, to bring about the desired results. Either of these procedures is safe and definitely effective.

‘Dentist recommended home bleaching‘. Also, know as the At-Home Bleaching. It may be used either as an extended treatment option after in-office teeth whitening or alone. After a thorough professional cleaning and polishing of our teeth, the Dentist will make impressions ( replica) of your teeth and fabricate a custom-fitted tray. The whitening agent in the form of a gel should be dispensed into the tray and worn for a period of 2-4 hours every night (as per recommendation) for 2-3 weeks.

The results of any bleaching procedure depend a lot on the way your teeth are. Discoloured teeth due to long-standing infection need a different approach. So the ‘one size fits all’ scenario is never true for dental treatment.

Enquire with us about your concerns regarding teeth Whitening.

Authored by DR.NIRANJAN P



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