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Dental Bridges

Among the many techniques of replacing single or Multiple Missing Teeth, the Fixed partial denture (FPD) / the Bridge can be considered as one the most preferred and time-tested options, only second to dental implants. FPDs are “dental prostheses that are cemented, screwed, or mechanically attached or otherwise securely retained to natural teeth, tooth roots, and / or Dental Implant abutments.

Full Metal, Metal with Ceramic or metal free all ceramic Bridges can be fabricated to replace missing teeth. It works on the fundamental principle of support from the teeth / Implants on either side of the tooth / teeth missing.

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Before Dental Bridges

before dental bridges

After Dental Bridges

after dental bridges

The procedure to prepare a fixed Partial Denture or bridge (using adjacent natural teeth as support), starts with trimming / cutting the teeth being used as support. This is followed by making accurate impressions of the prepared teeth which are sent to the laboratory. The prepared teeth receive a provisional bridge until the laboratory sends the final product.

Once fabricated the final product is checked for accurate fit in the mouth. Often patients experience high point on the bridges, which can be corrected by trimming off the excess material. This accurately fitting bridge is then cemented on to the prepared teeth using an adhesive cement.

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Regular dental check-up and diligent oral hygiene measures can ensure the longevity of dental bridges.

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