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Immediate implant

What are Immediate Implants?
The Dental Implant treatment usually takes around three to twelve months to complete depending on the indication. It might also require multiple dental visits for various stages of the process.

This is where Immediate Implants come in. The Immediate implant placement and Immediate Implant loading shorten the time-to-teeth procedures and will also reduce the number of visits.
Teeth Replacement using dental implants has proven to be successful and durable over time.
This procedure is usually preferred for the following reasons:

  • It reduces the number of surgical interventions.
  • The treatment is performed in a shorter time.
  • An ideal implant positioning.
  • Preservation of alveolar bone at the side of the Tooth Extraction.
  • Soft tissue aesthetics.


What is Immediate Implant Placement?
Immediate implant placement is implanting a tooth at the same time when the natural tooth is extracted.

What is Immediate Loading?
Immediate loading is the placement of a restoration within 48 hours of implant placement. It can be done once the primary stability is achieved.

What are the Benefits?
The Immediate placement and immediate loading procedures are highly beneficial for the patient.
The shorter treatment time is significant as the aesthetic restorations are provided on the day of surgery. This actually helps in increasing the chances of patients accepting these procedures.
Immediate loading also reduces the need for further surgery and Bone Grafting procedures that might otherwise be needed to restore the resorted ridges. This one-stage technique subjects the patient to a single surgery instead of two or more.
The immediate loading protocol is also used for multiple implant placements.

The Adopted
The participant, intervention, comparison and outcome (PICO) approach has been developed to state the objectives and inclusion criteria for the procedure.

Participants: It is the patient(s) who require the immediate placement and restoration procedures following the extraction of a single tooth or teeth.

Intervention: Immediate implant is usually done either in the upper jaw, lower jaw, and anterior or posterior sites. Implants are carried out in cases where bone regeneration might be guided or not, and with or without Periapical pathology.

Comparison: involves Immediate implants with or without guided bone regeneration, and immediate implants versus the delayed implants.

Outcome: It involves the success and durability after the immediate implant procedure. The following are verified:

  • Position of the mucosal margin,
  • Marginal bone resorption,
  • Bone loss,
  • Implant stability.

Surgical Procedure
(Refer implant placement)
The dentist will perform an atraumatic extraction using periotomes and luxators, a process where the tooth is extracted in a delicate and using a conservative technique that uses special instruments that help in severing the tooth’s attachment from the socket.
The extraction socket is then carefully inspected with the walls thoroughly curetted to remove all the remains of the periodontal ligament. Then the site is irrigated with normal saline.
The extraction site and the apical bone are prepared for the implant placement. Once the desired depth is achieved with at least 35ncm of torque and intimate implant-to-bone contact, the implant is loaded or temporised.

Authored by DR.NIRANJAN P



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