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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Extraction for Wisdom Tooth Pain

They are normal teeth which develop right at the back of your mouth behind the last (or second molar) tooth. At around 18 years of age, they are the last ones to erupt or come through. Many times there is not enough room for them. This creates a problem and they erupt in unmanageable angles owing to the lack of space. In crevices around the wisdom teeth, bacteria and food can accumulate leading to irritation to the gums followed by inflammation and final swelling. This is called 'Pericoronitis'. If bad breath and Gum Disease or irritation doesn’t get you, the pain surely will. Patients usually complain of radiating pain originating from the wisdom teeth region spreading to the entire side of the face.

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If left untreated, the whole area can get infected resulting in exudation of pus. Very often a long-standing infected and untreated wisdom tooth can affect the neighbouring teeth causing them to decay.

What are the options available for treating this problem?

In some situations, the wisdom tooth may find the space to erupt and you may be able to brush it for a while. Occasionally, Dentists may prescribe Antibiotics to help in reducing the infection for a brief period. Unfortunately, the problem returns. In such cases, wisdom teeth removal is the only definitive treatment option.

A simple wisdom tooth extraction procedure by the dentist for erupted teeth can be performed to resolve the issue. When Impacted (Partially/fully embedded in bone) a specialist may be called upon to remove the tooth (disimpaction).

Wisdom Tooth Extraction (or Disimpaction) is done under local anaesthesia and adequate precautions are taken to ensure pain relief post-treatment. Mild discomfort may ensue during the period of healing that can be managed by following post-surgical instructions.

Talk to us for more details about the problems associated with the wisdom teeth. And like they say “there lies the Wisdom”!

Authored by DR.NIRANJAN P



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