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Implant Supported over dentures

If you are or know a denture wearer, then you are no stranger to the fact that it can be an annoying experience. “My dentures have become loose”, is a common grievance all denture wearers have. With Dental Implants, your dentures receive an overhaul. They clip/snap on to the implant framework becoming more stable. This improves function during chewing food and during the speech. The Implant supported Dentures are extremely comfortable. You can rest assured that your dentures will not pop out when you have a hearty laugh at social gatherings.

Treatment Planning for Implant supported overdentures.

If all of your lower teeth are missing, depending on the design of the removable restoration, two to six implants may be used to support a lower denture. If all of your upper teeth are missing, a minimum of four implants may be used to support an upper denture. Removable dentures are often used to replace extensive tooth, bone and gum-tissue loss, thus providing support for the facial skeleton, lip and cheeks. A significant advantage of a removable denture is facilitating the cleaning of the dental implants.

How many implants? The answer to this lies in treatment planning. Depending upon the amount of available bone and the quality of bone, the number of implants is planned.

Speaking to your Dentist specializing in dental implants will provide you with answers vital to understanding your situation.

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Authored by DR.NIRANJAN P



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