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Harsha Murthy

The experience at South Side dental was Excellent. Doctors performed with great care and skill in what is a complex procedure. They were patient, approachable and answered any queries in a clear and easy to understand manner. Doctors are responsive and very practical in their consultation. The Doctors are courteous, helpful and knowledgeable and always willing to assist. The premises are plush and superbly equipped, with hygiene a priority. This clinic is surely a place to recommend for any dental care needed.

Padmini Murthy

Excellent work. Both the dentists are very kind and approachable. Made me feel extremely comfortable.

Vimal Sheth

Very friendly nature of both the dentists. Feel like family members. Great Job.

Ramya ravindra

The experience at South Side Dental had been very good and hassle free. The doctors here are extremely caring and friendly. They have state of the art facility and are partnered with highly professional and skilled consultants for any sort of dental problem. This clinic is surely a place to recommend for any dental care needed.


The experience at South Side dental was very good. Excellent facilities, doctors are responsive and very practical in their consultation.


Fantastic Team of doctors. Always caring explaining the pros and cons of the problem and giving u a sheet of paper instructing you how to maintain your teeth, now that`s new. Very clean atmosphere and well maintained clinic. No second thoughts if you wanna go to SSD.


I took root canal treatment at the clinic. The doctor couple were really good in handling my case.Specialists are readily available based on requirement. The clinic is also well equipped. Totally a very good experience at South side dental. A good clinic to opt.

BR Nagaraj

Very professional, Courteous , State of the art. Great Job.

Bhuvana Ravikumar

Professionalism, Hygienic & Compassionate makes Dr.Niranjan & Dr.Deepti the best dentist doctor couple.

Balaji Bharatwaj

By far the best pair of dentists I have ever opened my mouth to. Facilities are excellent and the doctors are very very professional in their approach.

Shobha M

Dr.Deepti and Dr.Niranjan are Very professional in their work. They provided me with flexible timings whenever needed. Very good international standards.

Dr.Roshan Jain

Excellent Professionals. Must recommend to all. Fantastic clinic.

Yogita Bharadwaj

Most amazing and comfortable dental work EVER! My fear of dentists vanished in Southside Dental. Thank You.

Brandon Lobo

Apart from doing a great and painless job, the doctors are friendly and take good care of the patient. Didn’t even feel it when Dr. Niranjan removed my wisdom tooth

Balusamy S

I am very much satisfied with their service. Thanks for their excellent service!!. Dr Niranjan and Dr Deepti are very professional, friendly approach and very transparent which I have never seen in my earlier experiences. I have undergone Root Canal, Onlay, Wisdom teeth removal and crown replacement at South Side Dental Clinic without any problem. I strongly recommend South Side Dental Clinic for anyone.

Keerthi Shekar

Got a root canal done at Southside.. The treatment took off very smoothly, with the doctors being very friendly ensuring the patients comfort. Every procedure is explained in detail before starting the treatment…and carried on with the least pain(must mention).

Hema C Raju

We are glad we got our dental treatments done at Southside dental clinic after having read good reviews. Our treatments were done by Dr. Niranjan. He is dedicated and knowledgeable. He took time to explain and clarify our queries before the treatment. We felt very comfortable as he was gentle and caring.

Nagesh Ramiah

The most professional and hygienic dentistry I have ever been to.

Nisha MP

Dr. Niranjan is an excellent dentist. He took the time to explain every procedure he was doing. I got 1 beautiful crown done. It looks so natural. The process was smooth. My tooth had been hurting and infected for months. It caused me a lot of other systemic infections. Even though I was nervous, he took time to make me comfortable and procedure was well done. The staff is great, extremely friendly. I had a very pleasant experience and it was the first time I had totally pain-free dentistry. The crown and the partials they did for me feels great.

Sripriya Vijayakumar

Very clean and calm place. Very good doctor. Initially I used to think Dentists are like carpenters. Dr. NIRANJAN has changed my opinion. I strongly recommend this place. The instruments very sterilized and kept very well. I really impressed on the sterilization technique.


@southside, Highly competent doctors who are extremely meticulous at their work

Harini Wodeyar

Dr Niranjan and his team of doctors are very friendly explains what needs to be done patiently ,and i knew i am in good hands ,Painfree pleasant experience I would say .Thank you Dr Niranjan

Sahana Gowdru

Excellent diagnosis & solution for my dental problem. The approach is very human keeping in mind the patient’s situation. Good n hygiene clinic. Dr. Niranjan is doing a great job. Thank u sir.

Subham Singh

The doctor is very friendly…! The way I was treated in the clinic was something unexpected from a dentist. I would recommend visiting him whenever you face any problem.

Sohail Chandan

An Amazing pain free experience by a very professional and capable team. They good care of me and always checked on me to see if I was facing any issues. Love the welcoming and caring attitude which is so rare to see these days. Brilliant work!

Shweta Goyal

Doctor Niranjan is very proactive and very good to take regular follow ups with the patients. Trustable and you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

Dr. Shivangi Bora

With recurrent tooth problems and a myriad number of dental visits right from early childhood. I was literally paranoid with the idea of instruments within my mouth…. and when some time back I accidently broke my old crown along with the tooth some horrific memories started flooding me all over again.. however had to get the damage repaired and hence went online to find some good dentists and saw some reviews about south side dental clinic and decided to give it a try… and whoa did I do a great thing….some of the most gentle dentsist I have met.. my initial check up and some procedures were done by Dr Niranjan and some other later were done by Dr Deepti…and belive me it was a real good experience… they took time to treat …no hurries… kept checking if I wanted to stop or am experiencing any pain.. and also enquired if I was doing fine on the intermediate periods of my teatment process…they were very approachable and explained all the steps in the process involved… what they were planning to do and also gave maintainence advice…the place was really hygeinic no show offs instead very clean and well maintained….they actually gave me confidence…finally I could actually relax during a dental procedure…it was indeed painless and trouble free. ..and the tooth they rebuilt and crown they gave was worth all of it…Thanks a lot both of you great doctors… This is the place you want to be when in dental trouble

Abirami S

I consulted Dr. Niranjan and Dr. Deepti during my visit to India, to get my wisdom tooth checked as they had been troubling me for a while. I must say, Dr. Niranjan was not the first Dentist I met with. In the past 10 years or so, I had consulted more than a dozen dentists around the World, few in Middle East and about 3 different dentists in Australia and to my dismay not one of them made me feel comfortable. They all did what they had to do but if you ask me i will refer any of my friends to them, absolutley NOT.. Both Dr. Niranjan and Dr. Deepti don’t proceed with the procedure until they have made you feel extremely comfortable. They not only have state of the art equipment’s but also are sticklers to using the best of materials whilst carrying out the procedure. They are through with what they do and they take you through exact process and steps to ensure you are with them every step of the way. They give you breaks between the procedure if need be. I was extremely hesitant to get all my four wisdom teeth removed on a local Anaesthesia but did it never the less and that too in a span of an hour or so and now looking back, I am so gald that i got them removed. A lot of my friends and colleagues in Australia find it difficult to believe that I got all the 4 wisdom teeth removed under local anaesthesia because here in Australia they do it under General and more over I never had any discomfort even after a couple of days of doing the procedure. Believe it or not! Absolutely no swelling what so ever ! no discomfort ! no headaches or fever! What more, I forgot to follow the perception that Dr. Niranjan gave me which was to start an antibiotic course from Day one; I bought the antibiotic but failed to start the course. Despite that I healed without any discomfort. In my experience and out of all the clinic and hospitals I have seen overseas and in India, I would rate them 5 star all the way. I have already recommended a couple of our family and friends to them and they have already called me and thanked me for referring them to Southside clinic.

Sagar Kanta

Toothache can actually cause depression.. if you don’t happen to meet a good dentist. But if you have a great dentist, then tooth problems can be as simple as common cold.. South Side doctors actually counsel you and treatment / procedure is just a small step, considering the skills they possess. Good doctors give you good medication. But the best of them treat the fears in your brain. Which is where the real ailment is. Thank you Dr Niranjan & Dr Deepti. Needless to say, your clinic will be a top recommendation from me.

Dr.Jayanthi Kumaresh

Teeth is something that makes our smile special. Our dentist is someone who makes us smile with grace and confidence. Our entire family has visited the Southside office of Dr Niranjan and we are smiling our real smiles…thanks to his expertise, care, sincerity and dedication. Remember to make your smile real…visit Southside!!! The husband-wife dr duo are awesome.



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