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Minimally invasive Laser Gum surgery

What is Laser Gum Surgery?

Laser gum surgery as indicated by the name is a specialised surgery of the gum for the treatment of a number of Periodontal Diseases or issue which is minimally invasive in nature. The laser gum surgery is basically a replacement of the traditional gum surgery making it much easier and convenient for the people undergoing the dental treatment. This treatment does not require deep incisions to be made on the gum which makes the overall treatment less painful and at the same time bleeding is minimised.

Advancement of Laser Technology for Dentistry

We are currently living in a modern world of technology where the technology is advancing on a regular basis and the same happened in case of dentistry as well. With the advent of laser technology, the Dentists are able to perform a critical surgery with ease. Lasers are nothing but light beams that are quite high in energy. The dentists have used this advancement in the laser technology to do the following.

  • The dentists are able to design crowns that are natural to look at and are quite beautiful. The lasers help to carry out other dental restorations with the help of a laser scanner, the technology of CAD or Computer Aided Design and CAM or Computer Aided Manufacturing.
  • The laser Teeth Whitening system enables the dentists to lighten the stained and the dark teeth within a matter of just a few minutes.
  • Lasers are used for the treatment of soft tissue sores.
  • Laser treatment is used for the removal of small cavities which vaporises the decay without causing the damaging vibration as in case of the traditional dental drills.

Laser Gum Surgery or Treatment – A More Precise and Gentle Treatment

Any of the individuals suffering from any kinds of advanced disease of the gums are most generally treated with deep cleaning which is done manually done and includes scaling of the teeth for the removal of plaque, tartar and other harmful bacteria that resides in the mouth causing the disease. In some of the cases, the gum needs to be cut open for the proper identification of the disease and bringing out the bacteria from the infected gums. Without these, the disease of the gums progresses and spreads through different parts of the body giving rise to a number of other complications. The treatment might be a painful one and heavy to moderate bleeding might occur.

This is the exact situation where the minimally invasive laser gum surgery comes to the rescue. The laser treatment helps to simply blast away the harmful bacteria and plaque from the infected portion of the gums. It is extremely precise and a comfortable form of treatment without cutting open the gums and therefore less bleeding with minimum swelling.

Benefits of Laser Gum Surgery

Some of the top benefits of the laser gum surgery are as listed below.

  • Less pain
  • Less gum recession
  • Reduced swelling and sensitivity of the roots
  • Decreased bleeding
  • Less downtime after treatment

Thus, it is clear how beneficial is the laser gum surgery in the recent times over the tradition dental surgery in the treatment of diseases of the gums or the teeth.

Authored by DR.NIRANJAN P



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