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Tooth Sensitivity Reduction

Idea About Sensitive teeth or Dental Sensitivity 

Dental sensitivity or sensitive teeth is one of the most common oral problems which involves a significant amount of discomfort associated pain in the teeth especially at the time of encountering with temperatures. Many a time, the Dental pain experienced is quite a sharp one and experienced all of a sudden which gives rise to most discomfort. Dental or tooth sensitivity occurs at the time when the middle layer of the tooth that is dentin is exposed. In usual conditions, the dentin remains covered by the enamel above the gumline and by the cementum below the gumline. The dentin actually contains some tiny openings which are known as tubules. In each of the tubule, there is a branch of the nerve that comes from the pulp of the tooth. This is basically the nerve centre of the tooth. Now, at the time when the dentin is exposed to heat, cold and pressure affects these branches of the nerves which gives rise to sensitivite teeth. Tooth sensitivity is referred to as dentinal hypersensitivity.

Top Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Now, it is clear to us that what sensitive teeth is all about being a very common oral problem which causes dental pain, it is of immense importance that you should be learning about the major causes of tooth sensitivity. Having an idea about the causes will not only enable you to be knowledgeable about it but also help you to prevent tooth sensitivity to some extent. Some of the most important factors that contribute to sensitivite teeth are as discussed below.

  • Sensitive Teeth can be the result of hard brushing or because of using a toothbrush that possesses hard bristles. As a result of this, there is wear and tear of the enamel which causes the dentin to be exposed or encouraging gum recession.
  • Recession of the gums can be another of the contributing factor to tooth sensitivity since it exposes the dentin.
  • If the tissue of the mouth or Gingiva is Inflamed or is sore. It results in the exposure of the root of the tooth causing sensitivity.
  • If the tooth is cracked, they might be filled with bacteria which results in the inflammation of the pulp of the tooth causing sensitivity.

Some of the other contributory factors of the sensitivity of the tooth are grinding or clenching of teeth, building up of plaque, too many acidic foods, prolonged use of mouthwash etc.

Laser Sensitive Teeth Treatment

The advancement of Laser Technology in the treatment of dental issues is just phenomenal. In the procedure of treatment of dental sensitivity, the lasers play a vital role due to its unique absorption properties. With its superb absorption properties, the lasers are able to significantly reduce the sensitivity of the tooth by allowing the infected tissues to heal up quickly and effectively at the same time. The lasers are used for the purpose of sealing the tubules which in turn significantly reduces the hot, cold and pressure sensitivity of the tooth. Moreover, the laser process is convenient, quick and result oriented which is why it lies among the top of the preference list of the individuals with a sensitive tooth.

Authored by DR.NIRANJAN P



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