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Lingual frenum is the muscle tissue that connects the under surface of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. In about 3% of the newborns this can become an abnormal attachment causing restricted movements of the tongue. Typically newborns will be unable to feed well. In children, it can cause speech impairment, cause spacing between lower front teeth,

Tongue tie or Ankyloglossia.

backward tipping of lower front teeth, prevent cleaning of palate and licking of lips and teeth and many other developmental problems of the face. It is therefore important to diagnose this problem and treat it at the earliest.

Treatment includes Frenectomy; Tissue excision to bring about freedom of movement for the tongue and relieve it of any abnormal attachments.

With Laser technology revision of the Lingual frenum can be safely performed in newborns and children. The treatment can be done with a simple topical spray of local anaesthetic or occasionally an infiltration of a small amount of local anaesthesia.

One such case, of a seven-year-old boy, who reported with similar symptoms is presented along with a one year follow up of the situation.

Pre-operative view


Immediate Post-operative view

Comparative view




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