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How To Know If You Need A Root Canal?

How To Know If You Need A Root Canal?

Date :15/06/2019

It is difficult to understand during the early stages of tooth pain whether we have serious dental issues. In the beginning, we may try to solve the pain with own oral hygiene efforts. Sometimes, we may not know until it reaches an advanced stage. Figuring out whether we need a root canal treatment for our infected teeth is not an easy task, and it can be only determined by a dentist. However, it will be helpful if we understand the conditions when the root canal is needed.


Root canal therapy is a treatment that repairs a badly infected tooth. Root canal therapy involves the following procedures:

  • Removing the damaged portion of the tooth.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the portion.
  • Refilling and sealing it.

Root canal therapy has been used to treat the dental problems of millions of people every year. If you are experiencing serious teeth pain, check out whether you need root canal therapy:

  • Severe pain in the root of the tooth is one of the main indicators of the infected tooth. If one finds difficulty doing normal activities such as eating and drinking, go to the dentist immediately. In this condition, the dentist may suggest root canal therapy.
  • When the tooth gets cracked while chewing hard food, one needs to be aware and this can affect the root of the tooth and may cause infection. If a tooth's root is infected, root canal therapy is required to prevent the infection.
  • Another sign that one needs root canal therapy is tooth sensitivity. When one has tooth sensitivity, it is difficult to have hot and cold drinks. This is because of the infection or damaged nerve. To treat this, root canal therapy may be necessary.
  • Swollen gums- If your gums are swollen and painful then it can be a sign of inflamed gums. In some cases, root canal therapy is used to fix this problem.
  • Discoloration of the tooth- Discoloration of the tooth may be due to poor oral hygiene or because of the nerve damage in the root of the tooth. Root canal therapy can remove the damaged root.
  • Deep Decay- If a tooth has decayed, there is a chance of spreading it to the nerve and beneath the surface of the tooth. To treat this condition, root canal therapy is the only option.


With the help of an experienced dentist, one can undergo root canal therapy successfully and can gain healthier teeth again.

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