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Do your gums bleed on brushing or just after eating an apple or something hard?
Most of us just brush that away as forgettable accident.But did you know the first sign of Gum Disease is bleeding gums?
An urge to pick into your gums, persistent bad breath even after brushing,

sudden increase in sensitivity of your teeth, teeth moving out of position and food getting stuck between teeth, jiggling teeth, are some of the other signs of gum disease or PERIODONTITIS.

What starts of as a harmless inflammation goes on to becoming a more destructive form of disease if left unattended.

Unlike tooth decay that results in pain, gum disease starts of or even proceeds uneventful. Call it a silent disease if you may.

Treating the problem early will prevent development of the disease.

PERIODONTITIS ultimately leads tooth loss.

At regular dental visits we examine for Bleeding gums and treat it by cleaning (SCALING ) your teeth that has accumulated plaque and tartar (CALCULUS) which harbor bacteria and are gum irritants. They also cause bad breath

Studies have shown that people with poor oral health or gum disease have a higher chance of losing teeth early in life and are more prone to several other diseases.

Rinse after every meal and don’t ditch that brush at night.

Use a WATER FLOSSER or an INTERDENTAL BRUSH to clean between Teeth

Visit us twice very year to keep your gums and teeth healthy.

The yellow bad of tartar (Calculus) forms most frequently on the inner surfaces of lower front teeth.

Immediately after professional cleaning we notice the presence of inflammed gingiva caused due to irritation by tartar.





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