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Oral Health; No More A Trivial Matter For The Elderly

Oral Health; No More A Trivial Matter For The Elderly

Date :26/01/2019

Dental Health and hygiene are as important as your overall health. If your dental problems are not treated at the right time, infections may occur and it can affect other parts of your body, especially when you are above 60. If not tended properly, dental issues can result in much serious health problems like pneumonia. So, it is very much important that senior citizens, especially in India, are aware of dental problems and dental care tips.

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Here is a list of common oral problems that can affect older people.

Dry Mouth:
Dry mouth is a condition where there is not enough saliva in your mouth to keep it moist. Such a condition can make it very difficult for you to chew, eat and swallow. Dry mouth increases the risk of succumbing to tooth decay as saliva protects the mouth from bacteria. Dry mouth can be a part of the side-effects caused due to medication used to treat conditions such as anxiety, pain, depression etc.

Gum disease:
Gum disease affects the gum and the tissues that hold the teeth in its place. It occurs when plaque is observed underneath and along the gumline. Proper oral hygiene like regular flossing and brushing can help you get rid of the mild cases of gum diseases. But if worse situations demand the care and assistance of a dentist.

Mouth Pain:
Mouth pain could be any pain experienced in the mouth, like a toothache. If not given timely care and treatment, even a mouth pain can make things difficult for you, especially while eating. Due to the pain, you might end up eating way less than you should and this would definitely affect your nutrition.

Mouth Cancer:
Did you know that the risk of mouth cancer increases after the age of 55? It is very important to keep track of the slightest changes experienced in your mouth. Some of the symptoms could be reddish patches and sores in the mouth or changes in the lips or other parts of the mouth lasting for more than 2 weeks.

elderly dental care treatment in india

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