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Is cosmetic Dentistry Helpful in Smile Designing?

Is cosmetic Dentistry Helpful in Smile Designing?

Date :07/01/2019

Are you worried about the stains on your teeth, misaligned teeth or even the shape of your teeth when you smile?

If yes, then cosmetic dentistry can easily help you solve all these issues and regain your smile.
You can get your smile re-designed by various procedures detailed below. Read on to find out more about smile designing.

What is Smile Designing?

It is a personalized dental treatment which is intended to restore a person’s smile by removing the major issues of the teeth is known as smile designing. It is also known as a smile makeover.
This is a great solution for people who might be troubled by multiple dental issues namely teeth discoloration, chipped tooth, cracks in teeth, gaps and misalignments, missing teeth, or even excessive gum tissue (gummy smile).

What are the options for a Smile Design?

The dentist will suggest one or more of the below-given smile design options after checking your oral health. These procedures will surely give you a flawless new smile.

  1. Whitening - Whitening of coloured teeth using a paste-like substance. This is mainly used to remove stains from teeth which may be due to fluorosis or improper oral hygiene.
  2. Veneers - A thin porcelain like substance which is attached to the surface of the teeth is used to conceal chips, cracks, dental stains and gaps between teeth.
  3. Dental Implants – If a tooth is missing then an artificial implant is inserted into the jaw bone to replace the missing tooth which looks completely natural. The process is the most popular method nowadays to replace missing teeth.
  4. Cosmetic fillings – Tooth coloured or white coloured fillings are used to treat decayed or damaged tooth. They look very natural since they imitate the colour of the teeth.
  5. Tooth Jewellery - This procedure involves bonding a small piece of the jewel (white or a coloured stone) to the teeth for a fancy and trendy look.
  6. Bonding - Teeth having excessive gaps can be easily corrected using a bonding technique where a bonding agent, which is white, is used on the surface and etched onto the desired shape.
  7. Dental Crowns - Gaps in a tooth, heavily filled tooth, a tooth which has undergone a root canal treatment etc. are covered with caps made with porcelain which are known as crowns.

Best Dental Clinic for Smile Makeover in Karnataka - South Side Dental Implant Center

Your search for the best place for smile designing in Bangalore ends here at South Side dental implant center.
Our clinic is equipped with the most proficient team of Cosmetic Dentists, Oral and Maxillofacial Prosthodontist and Implantologist, offering the most successful and affordable procedures in the field of cosmetic dentistry in Bangalore, India. They have expertise in handling treatments in the safest way possible and you can relax because you are in the best hands.

Book an appointment with us and let us rejuvenate your smile.

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