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 Hello there. Welcome to our LIVE chat show " i have a question" every Sunday at 4pm on Instagram Live

Grab your coffee and chat with us. I will ask the questions to experts in the field of medicine, dentistry and just about everything in health and nutrition. This is a step towards understanding the science better and seeking the right treatment for the problems.

What ever your questions may be, we will try to answer them. Focus will be on preventive care too.

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Episode 3 of I have a question. How did you quit smoking?

Fantastic inputs on how to quit smoking. Use the Nope acronym. NOT ONE PUFF EVER . Quit smoking today. Motivate people to kick the habit and breathe life in to them.

Another wonderful selfless individual i featured today was Abhishek yuvan Rao for his project of feeding migrant workers in the city. Nearly 10000 people have benefited from his project.

Get in touch with Abhishek Yuvan @shekadelics on instagram @Abhishek Yuvan Rao on face book

Wonderful session today.

Join us next week for more stories.
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EPISODE 2 OF I have a question. How do i quit smoking?

Episode 2 of I have a question with DR.ROSHAN JAIN on how to quit smoking. Wonderful insights and tips on the subject by the expert. Most important of them was to seek help when you want to quit.

I spoke to Ikyatha Yersala from #slangaluru and her contribution to the #metoo movement. @slangaluru.

For the next episode, i invite former smokers to come on the show and motivate people to quit the habit. Until Next time , spread the good word.

I have a question #Southsidedentalbangalore #quit #smoking #worldnotobaccoday #31stmay 

Authored by DR.NIRANJAN P



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